Friday, March 10, 2006

Bringing In The Cheese

I've moved, in fact all my most recent blogs have already been written to my new home at Sacred Digital

Murky memory of the church next to the duplex I grew up in...

When I was a little kid I visited church services in a pew-encrusted edifice a couple of times. I remember feeling FULLY bored but being FACINATED with the perfect little holes for the pencils, little bitterjuice cups and cough-up-the-bucks envelops in the back of the pew in front of me.

I also remember them singing some song that I thought said "bringing in the cheese bringing in the cheese we will come rejoicing, bringing in the cheese"... I later it found out it was bringing in the sheaves, but I like cheese better then and now.

The church's Sunday singing and special clothes had little effect on my spirit but I remember something that did, that pastorguy...His name was Sean Hankenson, he loved me, he gave me a cool comic called Doc Savage, let me and the boys play in the church hallways and best of all he let me ride my green Honda QA-50 minibike illegally in the church parking lot. He was showing me Jesus in a way that pews and cheese bringing singing never would have. Jesus thanks for Sean, make me like him.


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