Wednesday, January 25, 2006


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I want to add a new word to the evangelical dictionary of terms. "Busyapathy". Busyapathy is a disease that effects millions of evangelicals and other followers of Jesus. Symptoms are overindulgence in church programs that put us into such overload we rush everywhere and see nothing of the needs around us. People who have this malady are often heard making the vocalization " hurry" to others in their family as they head towards the church campus. Blurry vision can be a problem. Some sufferers may be seeking to avoid contamination from the germs of those who have the "don't love Jesus syndrome". Busyapathy causes a dulling of the concern and feeling for those who are perishing without Jesus - sufferers are too busy invalidated with their illness to administer healing to others. Busyapathy is defined as APATHY towards reaching out in ongoing friendship to those not yet Christian because of the BUSYness of our over programmed church-ghettoed lives. "Church" subculture causes many followers of Jesus to find they have few real friendships with non believers (or for those still in school ) the relationships they have with non believers don't often point towards the excellent lifesaving Jesus. Be on guard for this sickness. I think I want to get healthier myself in this regard.

RX for Cure. Less church program gluttony, increased relationship time with those who are in need of the TRUE DOCTOR and a healthy balanced diet of worship and growth in local church services.


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