Thursday, December 15, 2005

SACRED INK - Tattoo as language of faith

I've moved, in fact all my most recent blogs have already been written to my new home at Sacred Digital

Tattoo is a strange art. Paying someone to cram (hopefully) sterile needles onto the tops of your nerve endings over and over for long periods of time, placing a permanent image on you that you'll have on your rotten ol corpse for monthes AFTER you die is, well strange. As some people know I started a project about 9 monthes ago called Sacred Ink. It is a web site where we will feature pictures of people who follow Jesus, and pictures of the tattoos of faith they wear. I asked these awesome people to talk about their tattoos and their belief in God and I recorded their beautiful moving testimonies. On the site these voices will speak over musical soundscapes as their photographed images and tattoos appear on the screen in Flash animation. It's looking like the artwork music and voice editting will be done and up on the site in the next 2 months.

The work is looking and sounding really cool. For non believers it will be a new way to hear about Jesus, from unlikely suspects. I'm spending most of my evenings editing audio, writing and recording short musical pieces and wondering how I got myself into this big of a side project! I hope many people will hear the message of faith in Jesus thru the people we have brought together in the Sacred Ink Conspiracy. Pray for it to be useful to HIM, 4 His glory.

Oh, yeah if you are young and thinking of getting a tattoo WAIT. Getting inked now will most likely end in asking questions like "what was I thinking getting the lyrics to My Humps tattooed on my lower back...seemed like a good idea at the time". I felt mature enough to start tattoos @ age 40, if you wait till you're 40, I'll drive ya over to True Art or Pat Fish's and pay for your ink myself. Send up a prayer for Sacred Ink? NOT .COM


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